Vacation surprise

This story really is a good one. Why I have not shared it yet is still a mystery but what better time than now? One year ago to the day. May 26, 2017 was one for the books. One I will never forget and one I can guarantee my husband won’t either.

I can’t explain it, but somehow I knew this was going to be the time. Months of trying after a miscarriage the previous year’s end had me obsessing over getting pregnant again. Each month that the test was negative chipped another piece of my heart. Typing it out now I realize I may have been (a bit) over-dramatic because I have had no issues getting pregnant. It was the hole the last pregnancy left that I was trying to fill (quickly) that turned the anticipation into a sickening feeling. I kept track of my cycle on an app and logged every temperature, every mood swing, every cramp and every positive ovulation test. I know more about my body and how our reproduction cycles work that I could be the next Dr. Addison Montgomery. The week we were planning to be in Utah was the week I was supposed to find out if May was the month. The day before we left I thought to myself, “how cool would it be to find out before we go to the Arches National Park since the arches resemble a rainbow. Nah, that’d be too perfect.”

Fear of it being negative, I didn’t pack a test. I just wanted to enjoy my vacation without the constant lingering thought of taking that son of a B. We decided to go to Zion National Park first, then travel to Bryce Canyon and save the Arches National Park for the last day since it made the most sense travel wise. Needless to say, the first few days were breathtaking. Half of my heart is in Bryce Canyon ooh-na-na. You sang that, I know you did. Seriously though, what an amazing experience.

Now to the good stuff. After a long day at Bryce Canyon, we decided to stop and spend the night outside of Moab where we would spend the whole next day. We went into a little convenient store near the hotel and I did something I never thought I’d do. Bought a pregnancy test at a gas station. Yup, you heard it here folks-who knew they even sold them there? I went in for snacks, saw the test and decided to just see. Kenny was at the back of the store getting a drink and I sneakily paid for the test and took Lennox outside and loaded up. I didn’t tell him because I thought, how cool would it be if my original thought of it being positive before we went to the arches actually came true. Before both of my sleepy heads opened their eyes, I was in the bathroom taking the test. The minute the you know what hit the stick, positive! I felt a tad dizzy right then if I’m being honest. I was so happy to be pregnant again but it’s scary crap I tell ya. It was so hard not to squeal so I settled for a silent victory dance. Quick, think D. How can I pull this off? With some help from my dad and stepmom, I got ahold of some markers and drew that colorful rainbow on my belly. Now we wait. The moment had to be perfect. The. Longest. Wait. Ever.

We finally made it to the double arches, where I had planned to pull off this grand surprise. An hour at breakfast, 30 minutes to enter the park and multiple stops in between. How I made it that long, I’ll never know. But it was finally time! The most beautiful place I’ve ever been with the people I love most with the best news I could ask for. Posing for a picture I said to Kenny, “Do you know what else resembles an arch? A rainbow.” Of course he was confused so I kept going. “Do you remember what you call a baby after a miscarriage? A rainbow baby.” It still wasn’t clicking so I lifted my shirt so he could see my (totally obvious what I was trying to tell him) artwork, which he then says “where’d you get that?” Like did he think I just wanted a belly tat or something? Come on dude. “I’m pregnant!” *Lightbulb* Some tears and lots of hugs, the news was finally out. Thank the good Lord because I couldn’t wait any longer.

For the rest of the trip we stayed in a state of bliss. It’s wild that I now stare at my 4 month old son while I share the story of his announcement with you. Blessed is how I describe my life and I am so grateful for God’s plan.

“I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born says the Lord.” Isaiah 66:9

Our rainbow baby was born 1.28.18 at 8:09pm weighing a healthy 8 pounds 14 ounces. Glory be to God! His timing, His patience & His Love are why we get to call Dax Legend Hill our son 💙

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