Family Photo Outfit Guide

This time of year is my favorite! I love when families dress up and put on fake smiles in a hot ass field pretending their kids are not complete maniacs. It’s especially my favorite when the bribes and threats start.

“No ice cream for you Max if you keep it up.”

“Smile please Sophia, Mommy will give you five dollars!”

“I’ll whoop your butt if you don’t stand there and smile!”

No but honestly, this really is my favorite time of year and I love seeing your love captured in images create by yours truly. I get it, family photos are super stressful because us moms really just want a nice picture of our beautiful family. We’re all the same. We have this idea in our heads that makes us think everything will go smooth this year. We make the kids take naps beforehand, give them the pep talk, and even throw in the bribes before to ensure they know what to look forward to if they just SMILE. Although I can’t help you with all of those things, I CAN help you with the hardest part of preparing for photos- FAMILY OUTFITS.

*These photos are NOT my photos. They are inspired by other photographers, bloggers, etc. I am sharing for aesthetics and color palette inspiration*

  1. Rule number ONE– Moms, always pick an outfit first. Whether you go with a maxi skirt or nice dress, it is very important to pick your outfit first and coordinate the others to compliment you. If you’re using these for family cards, I would almost always avoid jeans. It could be just me- I’m not a fan of jeans in family photos. This is your chance once a year to dress up and feel beautiful. Show off Mama! Solid color or tasteful floral is highly recommended, try to avoid crazy patterns as they do not photograph as well. Again, these are my opinions.

2. NO exact matching. I am a sucker for matching my kids but for fun, unimportant photos. Family photos are different, I always say to COORDINATE instead. Stay within the same color palette but change up the textures and style a bit to compliment one another. Family photos where everyone wears jeans and a white tee was cute back in the day but now we have the ability to be creative and I am all about being different!

3. Color palette– Neutral colors are a go-to for me. Everyone in the family can pull off a good earth tone without over doing it. They also fit most families interior design of their home and will stay timeless for years to come. Also, seasons will play a role in deciding what to wear. Spring is more bright and airy while fall is warmer and cozier. Give me all the creams and beige colors to complement either season.

4. Add a pop of color- I just recently started loving that added pop of color. I love neutrals but adding this touch of color really has me swooning. It can be on mom, dad, or even the littlest of the group! This is something you don’t see in everyone’s pictures so you’ll definitely stand out.

5. Textures & Layers- My new found love when taking family photos! Textures and layers can make all the difference in the world. They can take a good photo and make it great. I know it is hard here in Florida when the weather is too hot for a cardigan but a light flowy layer will also do the trick- much like the one in the photos of me and my family. My favorite style for the girlies of the family is flowy. It is so flattering and will make for great whimsical photos. Below are some examples.

Kendra Ashton Photography

6. Accessories- A new trend right now is adding a hat for mom or daughter. They are super cute and add a little something more to your photo. When you have babies, adding a bow or flower crown is a must!

7. PLEASE, PLEASE LET KIDS BE KIDS– We want these photos so badly that we hold standards that are far too high for our young babies. I want a good photo as much as any mom but I promise you, if you let them have fun and be kids, you will LOVE the outcome of your pictures. LET them run around you, LET them play with their siblings, LET them laugh and have fun. Pick them up, spin them around, throw them up in the air, tickle them, do all of the things your kiddos love doing with you (and avoid the threats and yelling) and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Let me do my job and get the attention of the little ones. I am here to capture these moments for you. If you’re distracted telling them to smile, I miss out on YOU. It is okay (and actually preferred) if not everyone is looking at the camera. My goal is to make these as natural and stress free as possible. Have fun, I got this from here.



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