We’re waiting to find out the gender of Baby Hill #3, wait what?!

I have gotten so many mixed responses from people when I tell them we are waiting to find out the gender of Baby Hill #3. I hear everything from “that’s so fun, good for you!” to “are you guys crazy?! I could never do that.” Either way, we feel beyond happy with our decision to wait until delivery day to know if we will be adding another baby girl or another baby boy to our loving family. I have to admit, there have been moments of weakness where I wanted to peek so badly at the sonograms I had being done. BUT! I didn’t and it’s almost time!! (insert nervous but excited shriek here). Finding two names has been a tad difficult but nothing we can’t handle. I will share some Old Wives Tales that I constantly look at just for fun, some great gender neutral options for clothing & nursery and of course some reasons why I think you should wait to find out the gender of your next babe.

Gender Prediction Fun

First, let’s have some fun! Are you craving sweet or salty? Are you carrying high or low? I am going to share some Old Wives Tales that I looked through while waiting on time to pass. I will start by saying that these are just for FUN and have no scientific proof to be true. I will share my results and you can take a vote to see what you think we will have! The following chart shows my answers.

I am also going to share with you a Chinese Calendar for you to reference, again just for fun. This chart was correct for Lennox but wrong for Dax. You have a 50/50 chance just like any other gender predictor out there. To find your result, figure out your age at conception and month of conception. The answer will be at the intersection of the two. Have fun!

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

How in the world are you going to decorate a nursery if you don’t find out the sex of the baby?! Another frequently asked question I received. We personally decided to keep baby in our room for now until we know what the gender will be. Then we will either move them into Lennox’s room or Dax’s room. There are so many adorable ways to decorate a nursery for a surprise baby that don’t include pink or blue. If you stick with simple, you’ll be fine. The following photos are not mine, they are just for inspiration if you’re struggling coming up with ideas.

Gender Neutral Clothing

This was the number one thing I missed during this pregnancy, clothes shopping! My husband thinks it was a good thing I couldn’t completely splurge but now that I’ve found some neutral options, I feel much better! There were multiple small shops that I could have purchased from but the following two shops are my top favorite because of how amazing the quality of the clothing is. Amazingly soft and the color options are plentiful! You’re welcome.

Lou Lou and Company


Kate Quinn Organics


There are so many more shops that make incredible clothes, your options are endless! Any of these colors can be worn with a little hat for a boy or sweet tiny bow for a girl. I went with mostly earth tones because it follows my taste and style! I also have so many things saved from both kids so clothing is not a problem in the Hill house.

Why wait?

Now that you’ve seen how simple neutral decorating and clothing can be, why don’t you wait to find out the gender of your next babe?! Not convinced yet? I will give you a couple reasons why we decided to wait this time around and you can decide for yourself if it’s right for your family.

  1. The number one reason we decided to wait to find out the gender this time around is because we already have one of each sex. If you tried to convince me to wait before, I probably wouldn’t have gone along with it. We have clothes and baby items from each baby making it an easy decision to wait until delivery day. Having one boy and one girl already also means that no matter what gender the third baby is, everyone is happy. No waiting on your boy after 3 girls or feeling disappointed because you’ll never know what it’s like to have a daughter. In our case, it made sense to wait because we had one of each.
  2. The second reason we decide to wait is because there are hardly any genuine good surprises in life anymore. Most everything can be googled or told to you by someone else. Getting surprised for your birthday or anniversary cannot be placed into the same category because someone else knows before you. In our case, only God knows what Baby Hill 3 is. Even the sonographer doesn’t check unless you ask her to. The fact that NO ONE can tell you what baby is (unless you do a test or scan obviously) is so amazing and exciting. We’re so busy and planned in life today, the fact that something is out of our control is super thrilling if you ask me.

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, consider waiting to find out the gender of your babe. I promise, it isn’t as hard as it seems. I am 36 weeks in and have had PLENTY of opportunities to find out. Take a back seat with control and live your exciting life! It really is worth it. Stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL where we announce the birth of Baby Hill 3, any guesses on gender?!

Your fellow mama,