Lenny’s a mini Kenny


I’m hooked. And when I say hooked I mean big mouth bass caught on a clear thin line, hooked. On a cool spring morning of course, not in this exhausting blistering heat of 101 degrees-but you get the idea. If you know me, you know I’m a talker. Having this blog just adds fuel to my fire, honey.
As I type, I almost find myself stumbling ahead of myself because I just have oh so much to say. One thing at a time, Danahia. Let’s start with my favorite thing on earth-pickles. I’m totally kidding although they are my favorite food (I’d choose it as my last meal with some fries and ranch if I was on death row). No, my favorite thing on earth is my daughter Lennox. I can’t keep her all to myself, I’m ready to brag.

Meet Lennox Faye Hill. My pride and joy. I could swim in those beautiful blue eyes. This is obviously just an introduction, I couldn’t possibly say all I wanted to in just one post. This beauty just turned one in May and she is a sassy pants. The Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, trust me. I’d like to say she looks just like me, but this apple fell from her daddy’s tree. If I didn’t witness laying there behind the big blue curtain-yes, c-secton- I’d wonder if she was mine! The Hill genes are definitely strong leaving this momma having done all the work for her to run around looking like a mini Kenny.

Rewind to the beginning. Not as far back as my pregnancy-we’ll get there-but to the day this pearl was born. I’m also not going to divulge in my labor experience quite yet, it deserves a whole segment. Rather to the moment I saw my child for the first time. Did she really come out of my belly? Did I really create such a miracle? Wow. I can still hear her first cry when I close my eyes. I also distinctively remember the tears flowing from both myself and Kenny. We did it. We created life. I have to admit, the first thing I did was check for her hands. You’d know why if you read my last post. My mom didn’t know I was missing my hand until the day she held me for the first time. Believe me, with the new technology I was having them check her hands at every ultrasound. Sure enough, two hands, ten fingers. They were all there, thank you Jesus. I’m embracing my differential attribute now but it was a tough road that I DID NOT want my daughter to have to experience. She’ll understand one day why her hands are so special to me.

She’s getting so big. Starting to walk around and order kids meals at restaurants-not really but she does eat a lot! You wouldn’t know by looking at her, her body weight percentage barley reaches 25 percent. Peanut. She may be little but she is fierce. If looks could kill…

Four tiny teeth are all that occupy that cute little mouth. This may come as a shock to some mommas but so far teething hasn’t been an issue (I’m knocking on wood as we speak). Don’t think we’ve gotten off easy though. Lennox has had her trips to the Doc, maybe a couple of trips were more just me panicking as a first time mom. Worst experience to date, busted ear drum. No Bueno. Hives covering her entire body for 4 days, a close second.

I could go on but let me leave you hanging. Mainly because I have this wonderful sweet child of mine that I just described to you tugging on my pant leg as I unsuccessfully cook dinner. Where’s my pickles?

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